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Here are just a few samples of the type of hardscapes that we can do.  Walkways, patios, stone walls, water effects, and more.  Just click on the area of interest to view.

Stone walls, walkways, and patios.

Bringing together hardscape with your plantings.

Click on the center of this slideshow, to expand the images to full size.  Here are some examples and descriptions of just a few of the types of walks, and walls that we design and install for you.  Here at Evergreen Landscaping we like the nature of landscape, and use natural stone most of the time.  This gives the landscape different mineral color in the stone, that really lends itself to the nature of things.


Pergola's, firepits, sitting benches, lighting and more!


Some more examples of materials and patterns used in our landscapes.  Click on the slideshow to expand the images to full size.


Here you can see just a few examples of our commercial and residential water effects.  It's amazing how the sound of water can relax you while sitting in your garden.  We do ponds of all different sizes and configurations, waterfalls, creek effects, you name it.  Click on the center of the slideshow to expand the images to full size.

Landscape plantings, and plant material.

See our jobs when the plant material is set out as it would be in nature.  Placement of the landscaping is what we are really good at.  Here is where you can see samples of completed landscapes of all different scales.  When a landscape is installed the way it is designed is really the key, so that material can grow in dimensional texture and color masses.  The right balance of evergreens, blooming shrubs, trees and perennials WILL absolutely give you a landscape that DOES look good all year round.  We think your landscape, and residence should look awesome 24/7.  Going to throw in a few older jobsites as well, ones we installed before the age of digital cameras! Click on the center of the slideshow to expand the images to full size. 


Evergreen Landscaping

All images and material in this website copyright  We serve Maryland Washington D.C. & Virginia area

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