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Spring annuals!

Brighten up your landscaping beds with color.

Use planters or window boxes for your deck railings, or entry to your home.  When planting annuals, always use a light planting media, that will hold water and fertilizer longer.  No need for heavy top soil, that's for sure!  When planting in window boxes, or containers, remember to put some aggregates in the bottom, and separate with a permeable landscape type cloth.  Then pack them in with a very light annual planting media!  Spray them with a liquid fertilizer once a week, and treat them for bugs in the first week of June.  You will have awesome flowers that will last until Thanksgiving!  The standard hardy types are the best, begonias, wave petunia's, geraniums, vinca.........but there is a myriad of choices!  We can design and install them just like a piece of cake.  Click on the slide show on the right for some examples.   :-)

Evergreen Landscaping

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